Behind the Brand with OAKI

Behind The Brand with OAKI

At Wonderkin, we know that good gear can make or break your outdoor exploration time. That's why we make a point of sharing our favorite brands -- like OAKI -- with our community.

This month we reached out to OAKI to get the inside scoop on the story behind the brand - we know you'll love learning about how they're living up to their motto "Where Explorers Are Born" and what makes their gear unique...

What's the mission behind OAKI?

Our motto here at OAKI is “Where Explorers Are Born.” We believe in being outdoors, whether hiking a muddy trail, wading through streams looking for frogs, jumping in puddles, or just playing in your own backyard. Children will be better off having rolled in the mud a few times growing up. They will TRULY understand and appreciate the outdoors by experiencing firsthand the best stuff mother earth has to offer. We hope to help give kids a reason to reconnect with the outdoors, and to give parents a way to reconnect with their kids. We love the outdoors, and with our gear your child can too! 

Why is good gear so important?

Any parent knows, kids have to stay comfortable, or else they won’t enjoy their time wherever they are. We have spent the past decade perfecting our kids & toddler rain and snow gear. Between our best-selling rain boots and our unique kids rain suits and waders, we have become a “head-to-toe” outdoor apparel brand for kids. Whether you are on an urban adventure or traversing the mountains, OAKI’s got you covered. We want to provide children with the best gear to have experiences outdoors that will foster a lifetime of adventure and learning. Don’t limit your child by giving them outdoor wear that KEEPS them out of mud puddles. Give your child the good stuff!

What sets your gear apart from much of what's currently available for kids?

OAKI is here to solve one problem: The lack of kid’s outdoor wear that is made with the same quality and attention as adult outdoor wear. Yes, a giraffe head might be cute on the hood of your kid’s rain jacket, but would you let them roll in the mud with it on? Probably not. You can trust OAKI to do everything else all the other brands promise to do: but we also offer this promise. Your child will not want to take our gear off. It’s simple. Highest quality. Great prices. Widest variety.

What's your best-selling item? Why is it so popular? 

One of our best-selling and most unique items we sell are our one-piece rain suits! Our rain suits are kid tested and kid proof. Parents no longer have to worry about keeping their kids dry. With adjustable ankle cuffs and velcro straps on the wrists and ankles, our rain suits provide a custom fit to keep water out and warmth in. Rain suits are essential to keep your kiddos happy and dry on all your outdoor adventures! 

Can you share a little about how you're partnering with outdoor schools to raise awareness of the importance of time spent outdoors?

OAKI is partnering with outdoor schools worldwide to raise awareness of the importance of children spending time outside. We believe exploring and learning in the outdoors is an essential part of childhood development, and opens doors to greater possibilities for learning. Our kids’ rain gear products allow children limitless possibilities for outdoor exploration. We support the efforts of outdoor schools by supplying top-quality, yet affordable, outdoor gear to allow children to explore their natural environment while staying safe and dry. We take great pride in helping to provide children with the best gear so they can have experiences outdoors that will foster a lifetime of adventure and learning!

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