Peek Inside "The Tree Box"

Whether you live in a busy city, a quiet suburb, or out in the countryside, chances are there are trees nearby. Because they’re so commonplace, trees make a fantastic gateway into nature study for little learners.

The activities in our tree-themed box will encourage you to get to know the trees in your neighborhood, a process that will help foster a personal connection with the natural world and provide a natural jumping off point for hours of tree-themed play and learning.

We think this box is absolutely TREEmendous - we hope you’ll agree! Here’s what you’ll find inside…


Sky Tree by Thomas Locker

This lovely book follows a single tree throughout the changing seasons. Beautiful painted illustrations on each page are accompanied by questions about nature and art sure to prompt fantastic discussions. 

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Tree Cookie Necklace Kit

Learn about how to tell a tree’s age by counting tree rings, and then create your own “tree cookie” necklace!


Tree Journal & Twig Pencil

Decorate your very own tree journal, then use the special twig pencil to document your observations about trees in your neighborhood as you get to know your “tree neighbors.”



These reusable silicone connectors are designed to encourage children of all ages to engage in open-ended creative play and building using one of the best toys there is - sticks!

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Tree-themed “Fundana”

This bandana doubles as a tree-themed outdoor learning activity! Bring it along on your outside adventures, where it’s sure to prompt interesting exploration and conversation.

Like what you see? A limited quantity of Tree Boxes are available in our online shop.

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