5 Ways To Celebrate the Spring Equinox

5 Ways to Celebrate the Spring Equinox | Wonderkin

The spring equinox marks the official beginning of spring, and the date on which day and night are roughly equal in length. Here in the Northern Hemisphere the days will continue to lengthen and the sun will continue to travel higher in the sky, leading up to the summer solstice.

With warmth, light, and life returning to the Earth, it’s a perfect time to head outdoors as a family and appreciate the beauty and magic of the season. Here are five of our favorite ways to celebrate the spring equinox:


1. Read Books About Spring

Check out our list of Eight Great Books to Support Nature-Based Learning in March for some of our favorite seasonal titles!


2. Plant a Garden

As Margaret Atwood said, “in the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” There’s no better way to get your hands dirty than by planting your own backyard garden. Our Gardening with Kids Pinterest board has tons of inspiration to get you started!

spring flower.jpg

3. Search for Signs of the Season

Take a stroll in your favorite outdoor space and see what signs of the changing season you can spot, like flowers emerging, tree buds opening, or birds collecting nesting materials. Check out this comprehensive list of sings of spring from Rhythms of Play.


4. Make Sun Prints

Celebrate the return of longer, warmer days with by harnessing the power of the sun! This easy-to-use Sunprint Kit, featured in the Wonderkin Astronomy Box, is perfect for making beautiful, one-of-a-kind nature art.

Nest building.jpg

5. Do Some Nest Exploration

Spring is prime nest-building season! Inspired by the nest building challenge featured in the Wonderkin Nest Box, gather natural materials like sticks, bark, moss, and mud and try your hand at some nest building of your own!


Want to keep the learning and exploration going?

Shop our collection of themed activity kits to find the perfect supplement to your spring equinox celebration!