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Q&A with Iksplor co-founder Karissa Akin

Karissa Akin and Kailey Gieck are the co-founders and sister duo behind Iksplor, a 100% merino wool clothing line for newborns and kids. Their mission is to create functional layers born for adventure, to help get kids get outside and stay outside longer! Iksplor is currently in the prototype phase, and Karissa and Kailey are excited to be building a community passionate about getting little ones outside in quality clothing that lasts!

At Wonderkin, we’re passionate about quality gear and highlighting female entrepreneurs and thought leaders working to advance the children’s nature play movement. We know you’ll enjoy learning more about Karissa’s story…

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Q&A with Stick-lets Founder Christina Kazakia

We’re always excited to come across businesses that share our commitment to getting kids back outdoors and connected to nature. One of the most exciting examples in this space is Stick-lets, a company that sells simple, reusable silicon connectors that turn sticks you scavenge outdoors into fantastic building materials. Their tag-line - “because mother nature misses us” - gets us every time! We were thrilled to include Stick-lets in the Wonderkin Tree Box, and to have the opportunity to learn more about the company’s founder, Christina Kazakia…

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