Eight Great Books About Animal Tracks to Support Nature-Based Learning

Eight Great Books about Animal Tracks to Support Nature-Based Learning — from Wonderkin

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Animal tracking is an ancient skill that early humans relied on for their survival. Today, learning to identify animal tracks is just one of many skills to add to your nature detective toolkit. 

Being a nature detective means always keeping a sharp eye out for clues about the natural world. While wild animals can be hard to spot, they often leave clues of their presence, from tracks to droppings to unfinished remnants of meals. By learning to identify these clues, you can get to know your animal "neighbors" and their habits and preferences.

These eight great books pair nicely with our Animal Tracks Box and provide the perfect jumping off point for hours of tracking-inspired nature study and outdoor exploration! 

Big Tracks, Little Tracks: Following Animal Prints by Millicent E. Selsam

Become a “Nature Detective” as you learn to identify animal tracks and other clues in this engaging book featured in our Animal Tracks Box.


Tracks, Scats, and Signs by Leslie Dendy

This comprehensive guide to tracks, scat, and animal signs is a fantastic reference book for ages 6 and up. 


Tracks in the Snow by Wong Herbert Yee

This simple, charming story for younger readers follows a little girl on her search to find who's making tracks in the snow. 


Whose Tracks Are These? by James Nail

Put your nature detective skills to the test by trying to identify the common wildlife tracks covered in this book. 


Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner

Discover the magical wintery world of wildlife, and search for signs of animals along the way.


Who Pooped in the North Woods? by Gary D. Robson

Finally, a book that capitalizes on the universal kids obsession with poop! Your little explorer will love learning about how to track animals based on both scat and tracks.


Life-Sized Animal Tracks by John Townsend

This colorful, engaging book includes life-sized representations of tracks from around the world, as well as fascinating facts about the animals that make them.


Match a Track, illustrated by Marcel George

Alright, this last one isn’t technically a book, but this fun matching game is a great way to put all your newfound animal tracking knowledge to the test!


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