Eight Great Books About Astronomy To Support Nature-Based Learning

8 Great Books About Astronomy to Support Nature-Based Learning - from Wonderkin

Astronomy, or the study of stars, planets, and space, is a wonderful nature-based learning topic that's both accessible and interesting to learners of all ages. From stargazing to creating your own sundial, there are ample opportunities for hands-on learning and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) integration. 

These eight great books pair nicely with the Wonderkin Astronomy Box and provide the perfect jumping off point for hours of outdoor exploration! 

The Sun and the Moon by Carolyn DeCristofano


Engaging illustrations and carefully researched text, plus a glossary and list of science experiments, make this book (featured in the Wonderkin Astronomy Box) the perfect start to your adventures in astronomy. 

And don't miss out on our Q&A with author Carolyn DeCristofano!



The Sun Is My Favorite Star by Frank Asch 


The simple text and vivid illustrations make this celebration of the sun a hit with young readers. 



If You Were the Moon by Laura Purdie Salas

This whimsical book doubles as a bedtime story and an introduction to astronomy, combining a charming narrative with lots of factual information about the moon. 



The Moon Book by Gail Gibbons


This book is jam-packed with scientific information about the moon, presented in a way that's accessible to learners of all ages. 



There's No Place Like Space! All About Our Solar System by Tish Rabe

Don't let the cartoon illustrations and rhyming text fool you - this book offers a tour of our solar system that's as fact-filled as it is entertaining. 



Zoo In The Sky: A Book of Animal Constellations by Jacqueline Mitton

This beautifully illustrated text - complete with shimmering foil stars- provides a wonderful introduction to animal constellations. 



Our Stars by Anne Rockwell

This simple book offers an informational overview of the stars that's appropriate for even very young learners. 



Planets, Moons and Stars: Take-Along Guide by Laura Evert

This comprehensive guide to the planets, moons, and stars is a fantastic reference book for aspiring astronomers ages 6 and up. 


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