Eight Great Books About Owls to Support Nature-Based Learning

Eight Great Books About Owls to Support Nature-Based Learning - from Wonderkin

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More than 200 types of owls can be found all around the world, ranging from the tiny Elf Owl, roughly the size of a sparrow, to the Great Gray Owl, who can be up to 32 inches tall and have a wingspan of five feet!

These nocturnal birds are renowned for their hunting ability. They haves sharp talons, special feathers that help them fly silently, and excellent vision that enables them to spot prey even in the dark of night.

Your kid are sure to enjoy learning more about these fascinating creatures - and maybe you'll even get lucky and spot one outdoors on an evening walk!

These eight great books pair nicely with the Wonderkin Owl Box and provide the perfect jumping off point for hours of owl-inspired nature study and outdoor exploration! 

White Owl, Barn Owl by Nicola Davies

This lovely story about a girl and her grandfather’s nightly search for a barn owl is featured in the Wonderkin Owl Box. Like other books in the Read and Wonder series, this story is accompanied by snippets of interesting informational text on each page.

Don’t miss our Q&A with the book’s author, British zoologist Nicola Davies.


Owl Moon by Jane Yolen

This beautifully written, dreamy story about a little girl going on a nighttime owl walk with her father is a perennial favorite. 


Ookpik: The Travels of a Snowy Owl by Bruce Hiscock

This beautifully illustrated story follows the first year in the life of a snowy owl. As the seasons change and food grows scarce, he must leave his home in the Arctic tundra in search of new hunting grounds.


Owl Babies by Martin Waddell

This sweet story explores the universal feeling of a young child’s anxiety about being separated from a parent. Available in board-book format, it’s a perfect introduction to owls for your littlest learners.


The Barn Owls by Tony Johnston

This poetic book tells the story of a family of barn owls living in an old barn. A fantastic look at the daily life and habits of barn owls.


Owls by Gail Gibbons

This informative book is jam-packed with scientific information about common varieties of owls. Gail Gibbons never fails to deliver quality nonfiction texts for young learners.


Cock-A-Doodle-Hooo! by Mick Manning

This book is silly, rather than informative, but it’s too much fun to leave off our list. Your little ones are sure to love this hilarious story about an owl trying to pass as a rooster.


Hoot, Owl! by Shelby Alisnky

The simple text and eye-catching photographs in this National Geographic Kids pre-reader make it a great choice for any owl-obsessed learner who are just getting ready to begin reading independently.

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