Eight Great Books About Trees to Support Nature Based Learning

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Whether you live in a busy city, a quiet suburb, or out in the countryside, chances are there are trees nearby. Getting to know the trees in your neighborhood is a great way to deepen your personal connection to the natural world. 

These eight great books pair nicely with the Wonderkin Tree Box and provide the perfect jumping off point for hours of tree study and outdoor exploration! 


Sky Tree by Thomas Locker


This lovely book, featured in the Wonderkin Tree Box, follows a single tree throughout the changing seasons. Beautiful painted illustrations on each page are accompanied by questions about nature and art sure to prompt fantastic discussions. 



A Log's Life by Wendy Pfeffer 


Explore the life cycle of a tree, including the fascinating process of decomposition. Beautiful collage illustrations accompany the informative text. 



Tell Me Tree by Gail Gibbons


This book is jam-packed with scientific information about trees, presented in a way that's accessible to learners of all ages. 



Who Will Plant A Tree by Jerry Pallotta


This easy to read book offers a fun overview of the many ways that animals play a role in seed dispersal and is perfect for little learners.



The Busy Tree by Jennifer Ward


Get to know the wide array of animals that call a single tree home in the charming rhyming story.



One Small Place in a Tree by Barbara Brenner


This beautifully written and illustrated book details the amazing array of life that can be found in one small place in a tree. 



Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Elhert


This story about the life of a sugar maple tree is accompanied by unique collage illustrations that make it a favorite read aloud for little learners. 



Trees, Leaves and Bark: Take-Along Guide by Diane Burns


This comprehensive guide to trees, leaves, and bark is a fantastic reference book for ages 6 and up. In addition to information on a number of common tree varieties, this book also includes some simple hands-on learning activities. 

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