Peek Inside "The Animal Tracks Box"

Animal tracking is an ancient skill that early humans relied on for their survival. Today, learning to identify animal tracks is just one of many skills to add to your nature detective toolkit. 

Being a nature detective means always keeping a sharp eye out for clues about the natural world. While wild animals can be hard to spot, they often leave clues of their presence, from tracks to droppings to unfinished remnants of meals. By learning to identify these clues, you can get to know your animal "neighbors" and their habits and preferences.

Your little explorer will love the engaging, hands-on learning activities in the Wonderkin Animal Tracks Box.

Here’s what you’ll find inside…

The Wonderkin Animal Tracks Box

Big Tracks, Little Tracks by Millicent E. Selsam

Become a “Nature Detective” as you learn to identify animal tracks and other clues in this engaging book

DIY “Snow Dough” Kit from the Wonderkin Animal Tracks Box

Create Snowy Tracks in Homemade “Snow Dough”

Use our “Snow Dough Starter Kit” to whip up some homemade play dough, then create your own miniature winter landscape complete with lifelike animal tracks made by charming animal figurines.

Tracking Bingo, featured in the Wonderkin Animal Tracks Box

Tracking Bingo

Bring your Tracking Bingo card with you whenever you explore outdoors, and see how many of the tracks you can spot. Each time you identify a track, be sure to mark it off on your chart. You may be surprised about what you discover!

Animal Track Memory Game, featured in the Wonderkin Animal Tracks Box

Animal Track Memory Game

Test your memory and identification 
skills with this handmade animal track 
memory game from Sprouting Imagination.


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