Peek Inside "The Botany Box"

Peek Inside the Wonderkin Botany Box -- Our educational subscription boxes are designed to support early childhood development by getting kids outdoors and connected to nature.

Dive into the world of plants, and you'll discover a host of amazing characters, from the bold Venus flytrap, a carnivorous plant that catches insects and arachnids, to the shy Mimosa pudica, or "sensitive plant," whose leaves fold up and droop when touched only to reopen moments later. 

Just like other living creatures, plants have distinct life cycles and anatomy. They're also incredibly important for life on earth. Humans and animals alike depend on plants for food and shelter. Plants are so amazing that there's an entire field of science dedicated to studying them: botany!

Your budding botanist is sure to love the theme of this box. Here's what you'll find inside...

The Reason For A Flower by Ruth Heller


The Reason for a Flower: A Book About Flowers, Pollen and Seeds by Ruth Heller

A perfect introduction to some plant study with your budding botanist. The vivid illustrations and singsongy text of this book make it appealing to even very young readers, and there's plenty of interesting factual information to keep older learners engaged as well. 

Nature-Watch Root Growth Observation Kit -- From the Wonderkin BOTANY Box -- July 2018


Root Growth Observation Kit

Get an up-close look at how roots grow and develop by planting seeds in a clear tube filled special polycrystals instead of in soil. 

Dissect a Flower -- from the Wonderkin BOTANY Box -- July 2018


Dissect a Flower

Learn how pollination occurs by dissecting a flower -- and use the Parts of a Plant "cheat sheet" to help guide your investigation. 

IMPRESSED by nature DIY flower press kit -- from the Wonderkin BOTANY Box -- July 2018


DIY Flower Pressing Kit

Create your own beautiful botanical artwork with this DIY flower pressing kit from IMPRESSED by nature 

Nature Quest Fundana.jpg


Nature Quest "Fundana"

Head out on a nature quest guided by your "Fundana" activity bandana.


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