The Nest Box

The Nest Box


The Wonderkin Nest Box comes jam-packed with everything you need to jumpstart engaging outdoor play and learning, no matter where you live or how crazy your schedule is.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • A Nest Is Noisy by Dianna Hutts Aston

    The simple, poetic text and eye-catching illustrations make it a favorite for little ones, while older readers will find lots to learn in the carefully researched supporting text included on every page.

  • Design Your Own Eggs

    Learn about how birds use camoflauge to protect their eggs, then create your own painted wooden eggs! Once they're dry, you can set up an outdoor egg hunt to test out just how well camouflaged they really are. 

  • Worm Catching Fine Motor Skills Game

    Using tweezers as a "bird beak," your little one will go on a "worm-catching" mission that's designed to build important fine motor skills. 

  • Nest-Building STEM Challenge

    Channel your inner engineer with our outdoor nest-building challenge. Using natural materials like sticks, bark, moss, leaves, grass, and mud, attempt to build nests in varying sizes. This challenge is sure to jumpstart hours of outdoor play and learning!

  • Wild Birds "Fundana"

    Bring this bird-themed activity bandana with you on your outdoor adventures for tons of educational fun!

  • Backyard Bird Stickers

    Add some flair (and practice your bird recognition!) with these adorable hand-crafted backyard bird stickers from Bird vs. Bird designs.

  • Parent Cheat Sheet

    Learn about common types of nests with our parent cheat sheet. 

Designed for ages 3-8.

Want to include siblings but don't need multiple boxes? For just $10 more per child, we'll load your box up with extra materials so siblings can join in the fun.

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